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Pro-ject Signature 12 Turntable – Piano (Coming Soon)

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Signature 12

The uncompromising high-end turntable that celebrates 20 years of Pro-Ject!

High-End Features

12” Tonearm
Single-pivot design

This high-end tonearm features a non-magnetic low resonance construction with minimized bearing friction. The new tonearm is a genuine Pro-Ject design and allows stepless, “on-the-fly” VTA and mounting distance settings. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the number of included counterweights, 100% of performance can be extracted out of any cartridge.

Vibration-free belt drive

Its flywheel belt drive system ensures a vibration-free running which results in the most accurate and stable speeds.

10 kg Platter
Mass loaded aluminium

The 10 kg aluminium platter is TPE damped and sits on an inverted bearing which is magnetically decoupled. The vinyl layer on top is the perfect surface for your record.

33/45 RPM
Speed change on touch display

Easily change or fine-adjust the speed step-by-step on the built-in touch display. The precision generator ensures the perfect playback speed with the utmost precision.


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